I spent over $3m on more than 100 surgeries, dialysis — Broadcaster Ugolee recounts 10-year battle with kidney disease


Victoria Edeme

Broadcaster and voice actor, Emma Ugolee, has recounted how he spent over $3m and endured more than 100 surgeries as he battled kidney disease for 10 years.

Ugolee took to his Instagram page on Monday to detail how he went through thousands of hours of dialysis across four continents, expressing gratitude to God for helping him to “beat” the disease.

He said, “The exodus of familiar company to ghost town was monthly. Your money or your life was no more an exclusive request from a robbery scene. It was my everyday life.

“Ten years, four continents, literally over 3 million dollars, thousands of hours of dialysis, over 100 surgeries & procedures & several graveside visits.

“The odds had built a skyscraper but to the amusement of man’s Maker. The one telling the end before it begins. He laughed at the conclusions drawn by doctors. Shook His head at the sure expectations of those hoping for a sad end & smiled at my audacity to hold on to hope.

“To have faith in the power of the mercy He shows.”

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