STATE OF THE NATION: Nigeria on brink of security, economic collapse — Peter Obi


Mr. Peter Obi

Former Governor of Anambra State and 2019 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Peter Obi, in this interview first published by The Niche, dissects the state of the nation, pin-pointing the challenges and drawbacks and proffering the way forward.

Is there cause for celebration as Nigeria clocks 61 years as an independent nation?

For me, it is more of a reflection. There is nothing to celebrate. Yes, we are 61 but we are worse off today than we were in the 1960s. Then, Nigeria was a safer country, in terms of security. We had a relatively peaceful country. The different ethnic groups were working together as a family. The economy was better. But everything has now gone bad.

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